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Wesley Thijs is an OSCP and CNWPP certified ethical hacker with a massive following and a hunger for knowledge sharing. His true passions are hacking and teaching and he’s managed to combine them into one beautiful certificate. With over 100 000 students worldwide, Wesley has amassed a dedicated following and proven himself as a teacher on his youtube channel and twitter. Are you ready to take the plunge with him into ethical hacking? His experience stems from becoming the top 19 ethical hacking on intigriti and his own pentesting company.

The Certificate

CNWPP (Certified Network & Website Pen Testing Professional)is a certification course designed to train and certify individuals in the field of penetration testing. The course covers various aspects of hacking, methodologies, deliverables, and more to ensure students are prepared to work in a professional pentesting environment.
Feedback says it all, check it out and become a Pen Testing Specialist with us:

CNWPP is not made for recognition in the job field, CNWPP is created for hero’s who can not get enough of learning and who always strive for better and more! CNWPP is created for to-be teamleaders and company owners.
The value CNWPP brings is in the fact that we do not just cover the exploits and ethical hacking but we cover it all, from client interactions to documentations to exploiting. You will leave with a complete skillset you can directly employ in the field!


Knowledge domains

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Pentesting basics

The student will be required to gain a thorough understanding of the pentesting process.

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The student will learn how to interact with a client in a secure manner. It is imperative no critical information is shared beyond the agreed-upon channels.

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We require the student to document the correct items before, during and after their testing.

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Network hacking

Students are expected to master the very basics of network pentesting.

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Web hacking

A host of web exploits is explained and demonstrated on live labs so that student can get a firm grasp of some common exploits that are available.

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API hacking

The student will learn how to hack API’s since they are becoming much more common in the field

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The student will learn about the different pentesting methodologies (OSTMM, PTES, NIST 800-115, OWASP WSTG).

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Core concepts

The student will refresh his knowledge around all core pen testing and networking concepts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

are retakes free?
"Can i re-take the exam?"

Yes,there’s a single chance included for a retry for free.

are retakes free?
How soon can i re-sit my exam?

There is a one week cool off period for re-sits.

are retakes free?
Any pre requisites i need?

You must complete CNWPP & CNC courses.

are retakes free?
"Is this a beginner cert?"

No,this is not meant for beginners.

are retakes free?
Intended audience?

Industry proffesionals wanting more. The to-be teamleaders and business owners.

are retakes free?
"What can you do for me?"

We will level up your skillset in all areas required for pentesting

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